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F-Keys Tool

The "Monk" F-Keys Tool contains 12 sounds (mainly quotations by Adrian Monk), which your keyboard can play with the help of the F-keys. The highlight: You can decide whether you would rather hear the phrases in German or in the original English.

Screenshot of the Tool

Download (*.zip, 2.5 MB)

Installation and starting

  1. Unpack archive, start "setup.exe" contained within it, and follow the instructions.
  2. Start the program on "Start," "Programs," "Monk F-Tasten-Tool" and "Monk F-Tasten-Tool".
  3. Now an "M" can be found in the system tray (next to the clock). The program is now usable; i.e., by pressing on an F-key, a sound will play.

Switching languages

  1. Doubleclick on the "M" in the system tray (alternatively: right-click on the "M" and then on "Zeige F-Tasten-Tool").
  2. Click either on "DE" for German or on "US" for English sounds.
  3. With "Hide" you can minimize the tool again.
You can see which F-key plays which sound when you click on the ">".

Thanks to ColdBlooder (program), Monk0512 (sounds) and Ariana (sounds) for their great work!

The program is subject to the copyright of the author, who forbade the publication on other websites!
The download is to be done at your own risk.
Thanks to GlassBell for the translation of these instructions.